Our Journey

At PHIBER Systems, we are driven by a passion for problem-solving and a commitment to excellence

Founded by Brian Bosley, a seasoned sailor and visionary entrepreneur, PHIBER Systems is the epitome of what can be achieved when frustration sparks innovation.

The Voyage Begins with Solar Stik

Our journey starts back in 1998 when Brian Bosley developed a simple, but clever hybrid power solution for his small sailboat that provided the autonomy needed to sail to remote islands and not be dependent on traditional resources to keep his vessel systems operating.

After several thousand miles of sailing, in 2004, he founded Solar Stik, a pioneering company that focused on bringing autonomous hybrid energy solutions to any application that needed independence from traditional power and resources. This venture freed his entrepreneurial spirit and established his reputation for engineering reliable, impactful solutions.

In 2024, Solar Stik’s journey continues… the Team has matured to 75 professionals from all walks of life, and with Solar Stik products currently operating in the most remote and austere locations around the globe.

The success and experience gained from Solar Stik laid the groundwork for what was to come next…

Navigating Frustration to Discover Solutions

As it was with Solar Stik, Brian’s path to founding PHIBER Systems began on the open sea. The challenge of maintaining crucial systems aboard his vessel was demanding of both time, labor, and resources. Being a single-handed sailor, streamlining the “routine maintenance” functions on his engines and other systems was critical. Brian’s frustration once again became the catalyst for innovation, and the genesis of PHIBER Systems was forged.

A Legacy of Innovation: From Solar Stik to PHIBER Systems

The Solar Stik Team through the years has earned the trust of prestigious clients like the United States Military, State-level Emergency Operations, Disney, PGA, Coca-Cola, and other institutional and governmental users around the globe. Building on the authority and expertise we cultivated through Solar Stik, we embarked on a new journey, bringing with us a deep understanding of complex engineering challenges honed through years of diverse experience.

Our Team is dedicated to reflecting our ethos of innovation and excellence into our latest flagship: PHIBER – an intelligent freshwater flush system for marine systems that use seawater.

A Commitment to Continuous Innovation

While our journey is now 20 years young, the path of PHIBER Systems is only beginning. Inspired by our humble beginnings with Solar Stik and past the groundbreaking launch of PHIBER Systems, we’re committed to exploring and developing PHIBER components that keep up with advancements in marine systems that require seawater for operation.

Our Systems are designed for one reason… to remove burdens and enhance YOUR journey on the water.

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Our Team

Meet the PHIBER Systems team: a dynamic group of seasoned engineers and innovative problem-solvers, united by our shared passion for pioneering solutions that transform challenges into opportunities. Guided by the visionary leadership of Brian Bosley (“visionary leadership” means he has a boating addiction), we are dedicated to engineering excellence, continuously pushing the boundaries of innovation in service to our clients and the wider world.


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