You do have choices when deciding on flushing systems for your vessel…

PHIBER Systems are the most complete freshwater flushing solutions available, offering industry-first versatility, compatibility, and performance for use with ANY raw water network, especially inboard engines and other systems that, until PHIBER, were not easily maintained.

PHIBER Systems are unique, and revolutionary when compared to the design of the traditional flushing systems  because they remove the “human” factor, while ensuring a precision flush, every time.

Whether flushing inboard engines, generators, stabilization systems, or outboard engines, nearly all other flushing kits still heavily rely on human labor, process management and time to minimize risk and perform a proper flush.  

Regardless of the solution you use, what matters most is that it meets your needs and your raw water systems are maintained… even if it is not a PHIBER System.

Listed below are just a few of the Systems we’ve found, and how they FUNCTIONALLY compare to a PHIBER System:

  PHIBER Systems Reverso SeaMule Groco Superflush
Compatible With “Inboard” Engines Yes No No Yes Yes
Compatible with Outboard Engines Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Requires Manual Labor & Time No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Requires Physical Connection to Dock Water No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Flushes Engine Optimally (at Shutdown) Yes No No No No
“Pickles” Inboard Raw Water Network with Fresh Water Yes N/A N/A No No
Collects Flushing Data for Vessel Maintenance Logs Yes No No No No
“Automated” Flush Program Options Yes No No No No
All 316 Stainless Steel Components Yes No No No No
Flexible Installation Architecture Yes No No No No



There is one other extremely innovative solution that has taken the marine industry into a very unique direction, and that is the ELECTROSEA System.  

We have fielded inquiries about how their system compares to the PHIBER System, and after investigating, studying, and even looking at one to solve a bio-fouling issue on one of our own boats (no kidding!), the simple answer is that they are not a flushing solution, therefore they are not a competitor and there is no reason to put them on the comparison chart.  

ELECTROSEA is designed for continuous-duty systems that operate in salt water, such as climate controls or refrigeration chillers where biological growth can cause significant problems over time.  

It is NOT designed as a flushing system, nor will it preserve raw water networks during periods of inactivity, as does a PHIBER System.

The bottom line is this:  We are fans of ELECTROSEA and their innovative line of products, and we sincerely look forward to more innovation from this entrepreneurial company!  

If you have a PHIBER System installed on your vessel, you might even see one of their SEASTRONG SILVER BULLET pumps installed in the freshwater plumbing! 

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