The PHIBER System is used to safely connect a local pressurized freshwater source (i.e. vessel’s native freshwater tank and plumbing) to a raw water network (i.e. engine or other circuit that requires a flow of seawater to operate) and allows a freshwater flow through the network at programmed intervals and durations.

This procedure, known as “Freshwater Flushing” (FWF), purges the raw water network of brine, minerals, sea life, and other contaminants that may promote biofouling and scale buildup. FWF also mitigates corrosion at critical components such as pumps, heat exchangers, and other metal surfaces within the raw water network. 

PHIBER Systems are generally designed for freshwater flushing of raw water networks that use plumbing up to 3”; however, they are perfectly compatible with raw water networks with up to 4” plumbing. Proper installation may require specialized components and pumps and will likely include other modifications.

PHIBER Systems will provide the best results on raw water networks that operate intermittently (less than 100% duty cycle). For example, if a raw water system is continuously operated, then a Freshwater Flush will only yield minimal results because the benefit of soaking in fresh water is minimized; however, if a raw water system operates at duty-cycle intervals less than 75% (where the system is inactive for 25% of a given time) then the benefits of a Freshwater Flush are immediate and significant. The longer the inactive periods where fresh water is allowed to remain inside the raw water network, the better the results will be.

When installing PHIBER SYSTEMS on marine engines, the raw water systems should be recently cleaned or serviced.

PHIBER FWF may not remove existing biofilm and scale buildup; but it will prevent it from developing or progressing.

PHIBER FWF will not remove corrosion; it will only mitigate its progress, extending the service life of critical components.

Regular doses of PHIBER will ensure maximum performance, ease of maintenance, and environmental peace-of-mind for critical systems that depend on raw water.

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