The simplest and most effective form of maintenance for marine systems is the freshwater flush, and PHIBER streamlines the process… The best way, is now the easiest.

PHIBER transforms the raw water network so that its native functions INLCUDE freshwater flushing maintenance, which is performed immediately and perfectly, after every operation. 

There are two distinct elements that comprise a PHIBER System:

  • The PHIBER Control Module
  • The PHIBER Freshwater Flush (FWF) Manifold

The PHIBER Control Module is universally used with any PHIBER FWF Manifold, it controls the flushing sequence based on its programming.

The FWF Manifold is a specific kit for an application. It is installed into the vessel’s native raw-water circuit accordingly. The kit will be comprised of at least two of the following components: 

  • Primary FWF Gate – opens and closes based on commands from the Control Module
  • Spring Check – opens or closes in concert with the Primary FWF Gate, serving as a protection barrier between the freshwater source and raw water networks
  • Swing-check – opens and closes in response to pressure changes within the raw water circuit
  • Balancing Tee – entry point for pressurized freshwater flow into the raw water network, where pressures “balance” and cause the FWF Manifold to perform its function

The Control Module is programmed to only allow a flush based on operating conditions. When a flush executes, the Manifold relies on basic physics to perform.

More can be learned about how the System functions and the safety protocols that are inherent to the design in the PHIBER Phactor section.   

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