PHIBER Systems are specifically designed as “kits” for professional installation into a vessel’s native systems.

The basic requirements for the installation of a functional PHIBER System are: 

  • Presence of a Raw Water System
  • Presence of a Freshwater Source (≥10 gallon capacity tank or dock connection)
  • Presence of 12-24V DC Power

If your boat has all three of these , then it is a candidate for a PHIBER System.

FWF Pumps that provide the proper Gallons-per-Minute (GPM) and Pressure (PSI) must be installed to achieve a proper FWF. For many smaller systems, a vessel’s native freshwater system pump and plumbing is adequate, but larger systems may require a dedicated FWF feed pump. Installation of dedicated FWF pumps is at the discretion of the installer, and will vary depending on several factors including raw water flow rates and plumbing size.

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