Hardware Features: 

  • Intuitive Programming
  • Ergonomic Menu/Navigation buttons
  • Backlit LCD
  • Environmentally sealed to IP65 standard
  • SD card for storage and retrieval of historical/performance data
  • Compact design
  • “Plug & Play” connection
  • Junction Module for streamlined harness integration/protection

The PHIBER Control Module is designed specifically and exclusively for serving marine applications, and is universally compatible with ANY raw water network that can benefit from routine FWF maintenance. It operates in concert with a PHIBER FWF Manifold to execute a flush, enabling the function of the Manifold by engaging the Primary Gate.

The Module offers features, functions and controls that no other competing product provides, including programming options and safety through AC & DC SENSE circuits that allow proper and safe FWF processes only after certain conditions are met. 

Once installed, its flushing control functions are tailored to the exact needs of a vessel’s raw water system, executing desired flushing maintenance functions with precision timing and control that achieve maximum benefit. 

Its proprietary user interface was developed over 3 years of testing, and incorporates the experience and feedback from a wide range of marine professionals and recreational operators. It embodies both real world operating conditions and a wide range of application in its design.

Programming options for FWF functions include:

  • Manual
  • Automatic
  • Manual-Automatic
  • Scheduled

The PHIBER Control Module collects and stores flushing data on an SD card, offering the vessel operator a complete archive of maintenance performance and history.

This data can be used to enhance resale value, prove critical maintenance is performed in accordance with manufacturers’ recommended service intervals, or even to comply with local environmental regulations when flushing is a mandatory process.

The Module has a “Plug & Play” wire harness that allows flexibility of location during installation, and it includes a Junction Module that streamlines the installation and protects vital electrical circuits from the elements.

PHIBER Control Module Menu Chart

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