Since 2021, PHIBER System components have undergone extensive reliability and durability testing in our home waters of NorthEast Florida.  Multiple yachts were used during the development, and a Team of dedicated professionals coalesced in along the way.

The Control Modules are engineered and built by a tenured Team with decades of experience in manufacturing both marine and military-grade products.

The FWF Manifold components are constructed using the highest quality 316 Stainless Steel, allowing universal installation into alloys often found in marine propulsion systems and engines.

All PHIBER OEM Manifold components are stamped with a “P” on the housing, denoting that the component has been constructed and tested to the PHIBER standard.  

All PHIBER components for the FWF Manifold are constructed using the highest quality 316 Stainless Steel. This allows universal installation into any alloys used in marine systems.

Any PHIBER FWF Manifold must be correctly sized to maintain adequate water flow through both the fresh and raw water networks at all times, whether during normal operation or during the flushing process.

PHIBER Systems are proudly manufactured by true craftsmen at our facility in Saint Augustine, Florida!

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