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Seawater Networks that

The PHIBER System is not an accessory “add on” component for a vessel… rather, it is designed to INTEGRATE into a vessel’s existing raw water network, redefining how it operates. 

With PHIBER-equipped raw water systems, “normal operation” INCLUDES freshwater flush maintenance as part of its native/critical functions, preserving optimal performance and minimizing operational costs. 

Freshwater flushing becomes an intrinsic function that does NOT rely on you to connect a dock/garden hose. 

Other “Flushing Kits” require YOU to perform a safe and effective flush… PHIBER Systems ARE the safe and effective flush!

Any owner-operator understands the pain of maintaining a vessel’s mechanical systems for both seaworthiness and safety. Onboard systems that use seawater for operation suffer the impacts of hard scale buildup and corrosion over time.

Routine flushing with simple fresh water is recommended by nearly every manufacturer of both vessels and systems as the most important “preventative maintenance” procedure in mitigating the consequences of using seawater in systems.

However, manual flushing is often a complex, labor-intensive and time-consuming process.

PHIBER Systems defend against scale, corrosion and more by providing routine, precision freshwater flushing automatically, or at the touch of a button, eliminating the hassle and inefficiencies of the manual freshwater flush.

They are programmable and tailored to your vessel’s exact needs using a revolutionary Manifold & Control which provide a precision flush, safely injecting fresh water at the optimal time, purging seawater from the raw water circuit. This process pickles the entire raw-water network, providing “preservative maintenance” for a vessel’s systems.

PHIBER Systems are compatible with most marine inboard and outboard engines, generators, vessel stabilization systems, and more

Flushing with a PHIBER System ensures optimal results, every time.

PHIBER Systems... Peace of Mind, For All Your Voyages Ahead

Maintaining critical Raw Water Networks should not be an afterthought when purchasing a new vessel or refitting an existing one. Once installed, PHIBER Systems ensure that critical routine maintenance is performed, protecting your vessel’s performance, enhancing the quality of ownership, and preserving the value of your vessel.

Reach out to us to get started… whether you are building a new boat, or simply want to retrofit your existing yacht, “Peace of Mind” awaits you… for all your voyages ahead! 

PHIBER Systems are also directly compatible with many other aftermarket flushing systems. If a vessel has already been fitted with a flushing port or other valve-sequencing flush system, a PHIBER System will enhance its function and eliminate the hunt for a dock hose to use it.

PHIBER Systems have multiple “Patent-Pending” protections. Professional installation is always recommended.

New Vessels

Expert engineering and support at your command!

 PHIBER Engineers are standing by to provide detailed drawings, documentation, and personal consultation to your builder, designing a System that meets your vessel’s exact requirements…

…and exceeding your expectations.


Qualified Installation and best practices defined!

Installation methods, examples, and support documentation provided for your convenience,

Professional installation is strongly encouraged, and our engineers are standing by to ensure you receive the maximum support for your particular installation.

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